Wahta Springs Bottled Water Wahta Springs Bottled Water Wahta Springs Bottled Water
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Our water source and finished product is tested annually for a complete chemical and Radiological analysis. Quarterly swabs and weekly micro samples are submitted to an outside laboratory.

Wahta Springs (Wahta meaning 'sugar maple') is located in Muskoka, Ontario, atop the Precambrian Shield. Dotted with lakes and rocky outcrops, protected and undisturbed miles of woodlands encircle our 30,000 square foot facility. We continue to protect our beautiful surroundings with our environmentally safe systems. Today, Wahta Springs shares generations of history, heritage and knowledge in the environment around us. Call us today to arrange a plant tour! School groups welcome. 800-593-0127

Our Facilities

Wahta SpringsCelebrating 10 years in business, Our Mission statment is to produce the purest and highest quality of spring water for our customers through excellence, teamwork, and attention to detail from the source to the finished product. See More...

What is Private Labeling?

Spring to GoPrivate label spring water bottlles offer you a great opportunity to promote your business or event! Compare the cost of private label spring water to other promotional items. It's an affordable and well received promotional item.  Learn More...

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