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Wahta Springs Once Again Named to DLM Honour Roll

Wahta Springs Once Again Named to DLM Honour Roll

Join the Private Label Club today!

Membership in the Wahta Springs Private Label club entitles you to: Label design (logo supplied by customer) Wahta Springs will purchase an unlimited supply of  four color process labels (CMYK process) Five free introductory cases of 24 bottles of your personalized spring water No limit on production runs. Locked in pricing for the 2009 season (March to October) Free Warehousing of your purchased Private Label Spring water Free delivery in Muskoka - Min 15 ca...

Wahta Springs proud to be named to DLM Honour Roll

Wahta Springs is very proud to be named to the DLM Vendor Honour Roll, recognizing the excellence of service that our company offers in the bottled water industry.  Please take a moment to read the letter below explaining the award...

Spring To Go! New Launch

Some things you don't want your children sharing! We all know that some illness can be spread through saliva.  Colds, flu, cold sores, and even meningitis are commonly passed this way. With Spring To Go, you can help protect your child from these and other illnesses.  with its convenient name plate label, your child can easily tell which bottle is theirs, reducing the likelihood of sharing little Suzy's water and her cold. Kids love using things that are sized for them...
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