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Our spring water source has achieved Gold and Silver  at the Berkley International taste testing awards. It is Sodium Free! Contains 2% RDA for calcium, and has a TDS of 195 ppm.

After the spring water leaves our holding tanks,On the Line it passes through a bank of three filters that have a pre filter of 25 microns and a 1 micron absolute filter. Our water is then UV'd , and  ozonated; a safe, natural sterilization process which, unlike chlorination, leaves no chemical taste or smell.

We use a PET # 1 bottle blow molding systems to ensure that we can apply our high quality control standards to every bottle we ship. PET # 1 plastic is fully recyclable and is used to make carpets, straps and even clothing! Our bottles are sanitized, filled and then capped in our automated filling machines. Each bottle is then labeled,Facility date stamped to ensure freshness, and then packaged for delivery.

New for 2011, Wahta springs is expanding thier facility from 30,000 square feet to 55,000, and will accomodate a glass bottle filling line.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Control department ensures that the HACCP protocols are met.

Daily in house testing is performed in our Laboratory for coliform bacteria. During a day's production the PH, Temp,Facility Conductivity and TDS are monitored and recorded as per regulations.

Our facility is regulated and inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

For more information, click here to download a Health Canada notice on "The Safety of Bottled Water". (PDF 69.8 KB)

bold">Wahta Springs is a CBWA  and IBWA Certified member.

As a condition of membership with the Canadian Bottled Water Association, Wahta Springs must undergo an annual, unannounced plant inspection by an independent, internationally recognized organization. These inspections cover all areas of plant operations from source through to finished product. This confirms to you as a consumer that both Federal and CBWA requirements for the production and sale of bottled water are met.  In Nov of 2010 wahta Springs achieved a 97.7 score on thier third party NSF audit.

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